Pink Makes The Boys Wink - Part 1

Let the transformation begin! Watch as we turn this plain room into a vintage dream. 

Let the transformation begin! Watch as we turn this plain room into a vintage dream. 

When we moved into our home, the first room we designed was our Bedroom. At the moment this is where we do all our dreaming but ultimately it will be a guest room for when family and friends come to stay. (So, don't laugh too much that my husband Seamus sleeps in a pink room lol)

When starting to design the interior of a house, I always try to think of the bigger picture in terms of where you want your house to be in a year or so. Although it may not seem like it at times, you WILL eventually finish decorating all your rooms and it can be a real pain to go back and redo a room just because it now has a different purpose. It wastes time and money. So, try and think ahead! If you can, do it once and do it right!

I am so excited to share with you, our first bedroom transformation. Today's project is decorating a bedroom at the back of our house. The room itself isn't in bad shape the walls are good, it's a good size but it is just very very plain. It has blue carpet and magnolia walls, not very inspiring. In saying this is has a lovely window that looks out onto our garden which really lets light into the room. Every morning you can hear the birds chirping away, theyʼre like my little alarm clocks. 



Step1: The first thing we did was lift the carpet which I always feel instantly changes a room. We went from the 1980's to present day in a half an hour. RESULT!

Step 2: We painted the ceiling with white emulsion to give the room a nice clean, bright and fresh look.

Step 3: I masked all the walls with masking tape. I have to say I Frogtape Itʼs a little more expensive than ordinary tape but it really makes a difference when your painting. Your lines are straighter and it doesn't leave a mess when pulling it off. We applied 2 coats on the ceiling

Step 4: Next we painted the walls, my FAVOURITE part of any makeover. We were so lucky that the walls are in very good shape - this is a rare find in old houses. I used Colours by B&Q Matt for interior walls in a #PALE#PINK shade. This colour is amazing, it is so easy to live with and has a real calming effect. I love going into this room, it just is so easy on the eyes- plus #Pink is my favourite colour! We also applied 2 coats on the walls

Step 5: The floor was the next project to tackle. I could have sanded down the floors but I thought a new floor would bring really lift the room. We chose
a #clouded #oak #laminate floor from the @DoorStore. It's a beautiful bright floor which helps make the room appear larger. This floor has a darker grained vein through it which really helps lift the floor when compared to a flat white version.I love how it turned out so much so that I used the same wood in two other rooms at this side of the house.

Step 6: To finish off the manual labour we painted all the remaining woodwork including doors, window sill and skirting boards before giving the old radiator a new lick of paint. I used bright white gloss for everything and it all came back good as new.

With the hard work done the FUN can now really begin as itʼs time to get furnishing.

Look out for Part 2 to see how I got on :)

It really is the simple things in life that can make you happy. Try and enjoy every day even if you are just chilling out painting a wall! 

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