Doorway to the Heart of our Home

“Life is a first impression. You get one shot at it. Make it everlasting.” 
― J.R. Rim 
I always think a door can tell a lot about the house you are about to enter! As the old saying goes first impressions last! This is our side door and the entrance to the heart of our home our kitchen, so when people come through it I want it to look warm and inviting!

Before: Old and unloved :(

This door like everything else in our house was painted brown, so I have been dying to give it a Dream DIY makeover and this week I found the time to give it a little paint job. Our kitchen is a light grey colour so I choose a mellow sage green colour which I think compliments it perfectly.

So what did I do to achieve this new fresh look:

1. First I sanded down the door to smooth any chipped paint or bumpy imperfections with a sandpaper. I find it is always best to wrap the paper around a sanding block to keep a flat surface with which to sand.

2. After sanding and cleaning down the door I masked the window and took off the handle. Next, I used a small roller to apply the paint.

Here I have used Crown non-drip quick dry glass in a mellow sage colour. It is important to check if that the paint is for exterior wood. I have to say I was really impressed with the coverage of this paint it was quick and easy and did not take forever to dry. It was workable and when I used a paintbrush for the corners etc it all blended in perfectly!


Mellow Sage


3. Once the paint dried I put back on the handle and removed the masking tape around the window.

I always like to add my own little Dream DIY touch to my home makeovers so I decided to make a floral display for the front of the door.

I love real flowers but sometimes I think it's ok to use some fake ones. I picked up this bunch of peonies from The Range store in Portadown £5.99 (It is quickly becoming my favourite store) 

I tied some cord to the stem of the bunch, added a silk bow which I had left over from some of my wedding decorations. I turned the bunch upside down put a little nail at the top of the door to hold the flowers in place and as easy as that I have a new door display for under £6.00.

As the flowers are plastic they will be weatherproof which is an extra bonus.

To finish off the look I added an old-fashioned clock from B&M stores for only £9.99 and put up a beautiful hanging basket that I have been patiently growing full of petunias and trailing lobelia.


I am delighted with how the final look turned out and now I'm away to finish this cup of tea!

You can see here just how you can put your own stamp on a house with a little bit of paint and some TLC!

Let me know what you think?

Love Aislinn xx