Stripping Wallpaper!

There's only one thing to do on your day off - A little stripping lol...

In the past, I used to hire out wallpaper strippers but as I am going to be doing a lot of it in the coming months I thought I would invest in buying my own one. I purchased this little beauty in Screwfix (Energer 2000W 4LTR Wallpaper Stripper 240V) for £22.99 and it is working like a Dream!
I give it the #DreamDIY seal of approval!!

If you aren't able to but a wall paper stripper you can do it the old fashioned way by filling a bucket with hot water and add some washing up liquid!

Here are some Dream DIY TIPS:

  • Protect all of your walls and floors with dust sheets and protective coverings
  • It is a good idea to score lines in the paper on the wall  as it will allow the water to penetrate
  • Sponge the soapy water on to your walls and allow to soak for half an hour
  • Repeat the soaking process again
  • Lastly it's time to use a little bit of elbow grease. take your scraper and get stuck by scraping the paper off the wall 

Now just 16 more rooms to do...