Granny Kate's Plate's

My best friend growing up was my granny, Kate! She was one of those grannies that were always in the kitchen, cooking up the most amazing meals and treats for all the family.  She called me her little helper and from a young age, she taught me all her little tricks and tips. One thing that always sticks in my head though was that she always said: "presentation was key to having a lovely lunch or dinner." She was obsessed with porcelain and always served her sandwiches or cakes on a platter plate and had her tea in a china cup. She would set the table with sterling silver cutlery and always had beautiful napkins.

Her love for porcelain has now been passed down to me, I guess it makes me feel closer to her now that she has passed away and every time I set the table I think of her. I have to say at the moment I am loving am obsessed with porcelain platter plates at the moment. They are so nice to serve sandwiches or cakes on when people call for tea. My mum got me a @paulcostelloeofficial plate from @dunnes_stores2014 and I LOVE it. The print is just me!🌷Can't wait to pick up more of his collection!