Turning Plastic to Stone


Dream DIY - Upcycle 2

Now that I have moved out of my parents' house I have just realised that it takes a lifetime to make your #house a #home. So today's rule is "When people offer you stuff for your house, whether it be furniture or lamps - TAKE THEM! You can decide later if you want to get rid of them but take it from me, you never know just how handy some things can come in when trying to do up your home. 

Before we go any further, I think it's time for me to make a confession - I am a #hoarder and a sentimental one at that. (I still have the pencil I did my 11+ with this is the level we are dealing with here!) I find it really difficult to part with things thus when my folks were about to fire these flower pots into the skip, I had them in my car before they even noticed they were gone. How could they throw them away? They have been outside my house for about 20 years and if I had to go they were coming with me!

These plant pots are actually plastic, however, filled with soil and the trees they are quite heavy. The pots can stand up to all weathers conditions which means they can pass as being made of stone.

So, how did I make #DreamDIY #Upcycle No.2:

What you need:
Textured stone #spraypaint
Colour: Neutral, Cream
Plastic Sheet
Protective Face Mask 

What you do:
Step1: Wash down the plant pot and get rid of any dirt and grime
Step 2: Go outside - This needs to be done outside or in a large room with plenty of air ventilation.
Step 3: Put down a plastic sheet
Step 4: Shake and spray- 20 cm away from the pots and spray evenly
Step 5: Let it Dry (Touch dry in 30 minutes)
Step 6: Time to recoat: 1 hour

And there you have it two 20-year-old plastic pots brought back to life.!
I finished the look with a bench I bought from #B&M (My favourite store in the world <3) and I put the pots on either side. Now the Post Man can have a little break when he delivers our mail!

Have a go yourself and let me know how you get on with your own stone project.

Aislínn A.K.A Dream DIY xx