Pink Bike Perfection

Dream DIY Makeover

Dream DIY Makeover

Ever since the Giro D'Italia came to Belfast a few years ago I have wanted to have a pink bike in my garden and this week I finally found time to do a little Dream DIY makeover on an old bike I inherited from my dad!

This red Raleigh bike was hidden away in my Granda's attic for about 40 years until one day I decided to have a little hoke around for some of my granny T.T'S old clothes. I couldn't believe my luck when I came across the shiny red bike. 



My dad used to be a travel agent and actually won the bike years ago for selling so many travel packages ..( Well done younger Dad lol..) As my brother and I wasn't born yet it went up into the attic and forgotten all about, until this week!

I have debated back and forth with myself all week whether or not to paint the bike as it was in such good condition but I had this little vision in my head for years, so off I headed to the paint shop.

It is very hard to get exterior pink gloss paint so I ended up going to my local paint shop BMK decor in Lurgan and they were able to mix me up this lush lollipop pink colour. They used the Crown brand and its full gloss for interior and exterior use.

 Lollipop Pink Colour (Crown Full Gloss)

 Lollipop Pink Colour (Crown Full Gloss)

So, what did I do to achieve this look?

Step 1: I cleaned down the bike; it was after all in an attic for nearly half a century!

Step 2: I painted the bike tyres, chains and body - the whole works! I left the seat and handle.

Step 3: I attached a wicker basket I had from Easter to the back seat and put a pink mental basket from PoundStretcher to the handlebars.

Step 4: Next, I added some fresh begonias and some orchard solar lights to the front basket (Home Bargains).

Lastly, I placed my wooden pink watering can that I got from the Action Mental Health project beside the bike which I think just finishes off this little makeover perfectly!

Let me know what you think? Have an old bike in your garden?

Enjoy the sunshine and chat to you soon,

Aislinn xx