Our Forever Home

Lyntara House

To start my blog I thought I would introduce our first and most likely forever home! 
It's a huge project to undertake but thankfully we are young, fit, healthy and probably most importantly I'm a girl with big #DREAMS. So, here's hoping we have the patience and foresight to see this project through. :)

Blood, sweat, tears and lots of laughter has already gone into making our perfect family home, but it's going to take a few more years yet to fully complete! (We are in no rush, so we are taking it day by day!)

So, today's first piece of advice is when you find your dream home "Don't be put off by other people,'" as they may not share the same vision as you and that's ok - we all have different tastes.

I am a true believer in following your heart, but be smart! Before buying any old property carry out the necessary surveys and get a few experts in to examine it. There will always be a few problems that you will have to sort out but that's the beauty of restoring old houses. With every problem, there will be a silver lining, believe me, I should know!! (Keep an eye on future posts to see just what I mean!) 

My mum always tells me I was born in the wrong century as I have always loved all things Victorian and vintage and that's why I am so excited to bring our home back to life! We believe our house was built in the late 1800's and I look forward to finding out more about its history and restoring it to its former glory.

Let the journey begin!!

Aislínn A.K.A Dream DIY xx

Here is a good site with some tips to buying a house and what surveys you need to carry out :)


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