Red Door Revamp

I agonised for a few weeks whether or not I should I keep our door red or change the colour. I then remembered it was the red door that made me fall in love with the house in the first place. So red it will was!! 

Your doorway is a special place, it's where you invite family and friends into your home. There also is nothing better than after a long days work to get home, close the door behind you and be with your number one.

So how did I make #DreamDIY Makeover NO3

Step 1: Choose New Paint Color. I have used #Crown Non-Drip Gloss Paint which can be used on wood and metal and can be used for both exterior and interior projects.
Retails £15.49
Effects and finish: High gloss finish ( It's the same paint I used on the post box so great value for money)
Step 2: Remove letterbox
Step 3: Prep door by sanding
Step 4: Apply Primer.
Step 5: Paint Edges and Details
Step 6: I used a Brush to paint this door for a Hand-Painted Finish. 
Step 7: Leave to dry
Step 8: While the door was drying I painted the letterbox with
( It is amazing and you will find yourself painting everything in your house that needs to be spruced up)
Step 7: Reattach Door Hardware in my case the letterbox.

Job done!

I am really pleased with how it turned out. There is a lovely high gloss finish and is beautiful when the sun shines.