The Dress


When friends who are in the process of getting married ask me " How did you choose your dress and theme for your wedding?" I always give the same advice, "stay true to yourself and your style and everything else will fall into place," As a wedding videographer I have witnessed so many weddings and the last thing you want is the groom standing at the top of the aisle wondering who the girls is beside him lol.....!  Just remember your husband to be loves you for being you so don't panic, whatever you wear make sure YOU love it and I am 100% confident he will too!

How I chose my dress!

It is true what they say when you know you just know and I am talking about the dress lol… so it was an added sign when I found out my dress was from Pronovias a brand that was made in Barcelona, I totally knew then it was the right one.

I was going for a modern-day princess classic look. The gown was mikado silk and was so lovely to wear. It had a fitted Audrey Hepburn style top with a low waist. The bottom of my dress was a princess A-line which had a beautiful full train. There was a little band with a bow to the front and back and beautiful buttons that started at the bottom of my train and continued to the top of my neck – it also had handy little pockets for your lip-gloss. As it was winter I wanted a jacket so I teamed the gown up with a Jackie Onassis type short sleeved jacket also from Pronovias and I wore this during the ceremony and reception. It had a coiled neck with little diamante snowflakes over it to add a little sparkle. To finish the look I wore dainty lace gloves with a bow and a two-tiered veil that had beautiful lace snowflake trimmings. Lastly, I wore satin shoes that tied up with a satin lace. For the evening reception, I removed the little jacket to reveal the lovely dress, which was such a beautiful cut. You could then see the shape at the back and the lovely buttons that went to the top of the dress. I repositioned the veil, removed my gloves and put on my little bracelet that Seamus bought me at Christmas. 

I didn’t wear any jewellery except my wedding rings. I don’t wear earrings and decided to just keep it simple as there were lots going on with my dress, hair and veil. I had bought a few headdresses but in the end, I went for simple flowers in my hair.

The Bridesmaids dresses where 1950’s style dresses. They were Cinderella blue with gold embroidery and had a real Disney feel to them. The dress was tea length with tulle underneath. I bought them from Chi Chi London online who I would highly recommend. To keep my 5 Bridesmaids nice and cosy I got handmade tea length woollen coats from China to go over the dresses. The coats were the talk of the wedding, I even bought myself one just to keep!

To finish off their look the girls wore sparkly gold shoes, two wore a high heel style and the others kitten heels, as I wanted them to feel themselves.  I bought the girls jewellery from Accessorize, they all wore lovely ice blue vintage style earrings and each girl had a different vintage style bracelet, which was dainty and fine. 


As fashion comes and goes I am happy that these will be the pictures I will be looking back on in 50 years time remembering our special day. We laughed, we cried and we danced and it will be a day that will forever be in my heart.

Everyone says their wedding day is the best day of their life but I disagree I believe it is the starting point of the most wonderful days to come. Aislinn xxx

This Day

May this be the start of a happy new life

that’s full of special moments to share......

May this be the first of your dreams coming true

and of hope that will always be there......

May this be the start of a lifetime of trust

and of caring that’s just now begun......

May today be a day that you’ll always remember

the day when your hearts become one....