The Dress

When friends who are in the process of getting married ask me " How did you choose your dress and theme for your wedding?" I always give the same advice, "stay true to yourself and your style and everything else will fall into place," As a wedding videographer I have witnessed so many weddings and the last thing you want is the groom standing at the top of the aisle wondering who the girls is beside him lol.....!  Just remember your husband to be loves you for being you so don't panic, whatever you wear make sure YOU love it and I am 100% confident he will too!

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Our Magical Winter Wonderland Wedding.​​​​​​​

When deciding to start this blog it was to document my journey as I try to restore a 19th Century house and make it into a home and a family one at that.

Seamus's name will be popping up on many occasions as I explore my passion for DIY as he's my right hand man! So, to get to know us a little better I thought I would share with you how a blue eyed boy from Kerry ending up marrying a freckled faced girl from Belfast. Here is our story!

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Making Memories

The topic of having an engagement shoot in our house was greeted by an immediate “nooooooo, not a chance," followed by “ Are you serious? There’s no way I am having one of those, everyone will think I’m a poser! Seamus voiced across the dinner table in his cheerful Kerry brogue.” At the time I did understand where he was coming from, he like many people in the world just does not feel comfortable in front of a camera but as the shoot was included in our wedding photography package I’m managed to twist his arm! It would have been a shame to waste it? Right! lol... 

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